“With increasing use of technology, the education world is forever changing. A new curriculum is borne to integrate those innovations and provide opportunity for all learners to succeed.”


  • ZProviding educational institutions with Integrated visual curriculum or stand-alone visual skill-based curriculum subjects.
  • ZProviding a new visual interactive framework to improve technology enhanced learning.
  • ZParental education consulting to improve parental involvement in schools and colleges.
  • ZTo provide testing evaluation with EdTech products and services.
  • ZTo provide independent research.

Theophilou, BA Hons, MA.

Over the many years, I have helped and witnessed the joy of learning through visual and mixed learning methods. With VR, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed-Reality software and hardware, no children or adults should have literacy or numeracy problems. Parents should be given the opportunity to see those benefits and have access to education information and services. Visual Interactive curriculum provides the learner with technology, traditional pedagogy and visual literacy.

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